Lauren Leffer is a science, health, and environmental journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. She has published work in National Geographic, Popular Science, Audubon Magazine, Inverse, Scienceline, and elsewhere. Previously, she was a research biologist, entomologist, park naturalist, and curriculum writer. In addition to reporting and writing journalism, she has experience in fact checking, editing, audio production, video, and creative non-fiction. When she’s not working, she’s (hopefully) hiking. 

White-nose Syndrome Has Devastated Bats– But Some Are Developing Immunity

A fungal disease has wiped out bats throughout North America, but hopeful research suggests one species may be developing resistance to this pandemic.

Welcome Back Monarch Butterflies

Western monarch butterflies return to their California overwintering sites in full force, but the resurgence doesn’t mean a recovery for the species.

An Urban Cemetery is a Surprising Sanctuary for Fantastic Fungi

Spaces for the dead are becoming stepping stones to wildlife discovery.


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